Luton Escorts: Dressing up for my Man


I love to dress for myself, says Lory from Luton escorts. Mind you, I would not say that I am really into fashion. I like to wear things that show of my figure. Most escorts in the Greater Luton area do a lot of dinner dating these days, so I make sure that my wardrobe is suitable. I do enjoy shopping and if you are careful, and shop around a bit, you can find some really good bargains when it comes to nice dressing. Debenhams is a great place to go and I do a lot of my shopping there. They have a lot of things like shoppers evening and you can save shed loads of money. The distinct styles of clothing that they have really fits into the newly trend fashion style these days. And they come into an affordable price. Your time going into the place really worth a lot. So if were you I strongly suggest that you spend time visiting the place it is really cool, promise you that once you are there satisfaction to getting yourself cool will be realize.


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To be honest, I would not shy away from many of the top stores in Luton. Most of the girls at Luton escorts think that they are super expensive, but I have learned that you can pick up a lot of bargains. For instance, if you go to places like Harrods, you can pick up some decent clothing for a reasonable price. At first, I could not believe it but now I make the most of it. Lingerie can be a good buy in Harrods and so can shoes.  There a lot of options to choose from, quality, style and affordability is really amazing to the place. Just make sure once you buy things to yourself make sure that you are comfortable on it.


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By nature I am a rather thrifty girl, but I have learned that thrift is not all about getting clothes at the cheapest prices. When I was younger I used to buy the cheapest thing that money could buy, but I don’t do that anymore. I have learned that quality clothes last longer and that makes a real difference to your bank balance at the end of the day. My wardrobe is full of designer clothes that I have paid a bit more for, but they are lasted really well. It is worth it, and many of the girls here at Luton escorts are following my lead. This kind of realization helps me in decision making. It makes me a strong women that would not easily fall into things that you think will not last long and could be a waste of money. It doesn’t matter if you only have number of clothes on your wardrobe what matters most is that they last long and their quality is really good.


Lira is another girl here at Luton escorts, and she buys a lot of her clothes on eBay. I never thought about going down that route before but it does really work. You can find some great designer second hand clothes on eBay and I love it. In the past week, I have bought a handbag on eBay. It arrived the other day and I am so pleased that I bought. At first, I was a bit worried about buying stuff on eBay, but I am okay now. If the goods are not as described, you can return and get your money back. I really do like that eBay guarantee.


I date all sorts of men here at Luton escorts and you have to dress accordingly. Some men want you to throw on your jeans and go out for a drink. That is not a problem but I still like to keep up standards. If I put on a pair of jeans, I always make sure that I wear a nice blouse with it or something like that. My gents appreciate me looking good and I think that you feel more confident when you look good and dress well. It is not as difficult as you think, and you can pick up loads of good ideas from magazines. It really gives so much help on how you will look good on your outfit of the day.