Humiliation 124


After MASTER DOLF has humiliated the shit out of HIS slave Joschi in front of GODDESS PERFECTA THE TWO SADISTIC SUPREMACISTS play a supermean game with that pathetic subhuman dipshit at THEIR FEET.

The 40 years old virgin loser hast o try to sniff the SUPERSEXY FEET of his DREAMGIRL-PRINCESS.

Every time the ugly shitface gets near to HER GORGEOUS FEET his SUPERSADISTIC MASTER pulls him back on the leash. The little worm is trying all he can to press his ugly, drooling mouth on THE SOFT SILKY SKIN of PRINCESS´ DIVINE FEET, but only a slight jolt on the leash executed fromTHE SUPER STRONG HAND of HIS EXTREMELY MUSCULAR MASTER means to break his weak slave neck like a toothpick. Joschi Shitface is only allowed to sniff! His cruel GODLIKE MASTER taunts him all the time and tells Joschi that NO GIRL ON EARTH WANTS TOUCH him – a 40 years old virgin loser.

THE ULTRA BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS teases that subhuman creature with HER GORGEOUS FEET till it cries…but that means only to start with the real sadistic fun for THIS MEGA CRUEL ALPHA COUPLE HAHAHA…

Humiliation 124

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