Cuckolding 134

Cuckold-Opa without borders! COMPLETE MOVIE!

The cuckold grandpa must serve as a doormat!
The ruling couple want to have fun again and the cuckold grandpa Tommy has to serve as a mat under their feet. Sadistic Princess Nicole stands teasing on him in red lingerie and blows the tail of her adored master while repeatedly spitting the juice down on their cuckold grandpa. She presses her stockings on his face while she sucks her lover's cock with relish. Ultimately, his rotten bones have to endure Nicole's feet all over his body while she passionately kisses with the master.

Sadistic Princess Nicole get fucked from the master on her slave Tommy. His balls slapped again and again on the face of the cuckold grandpa when he thrust into her slick cunt.

While Princess Nicole passionately blows her lover's cock, the old idiot has to lie on the bottom and can only look at everything. The nature-dominant lady whets her pussy on his face as she sucks her master's cock. And finally, the cuckold grandpa gets her piss in her mouth directly from the source. So while the master gets a blow job, Grandpaps Tommy has to drink her piss directly from her pussy.

The cuckold-grandpa has to watch Princess Nicole's stockinged foot in the face from below as the rulers initiate another round in the sex countdown. Shuddering, he craves up where Princess Nicole is riding her lover's cock. But all he gets from her are at most a few contemptuous words and her spit.

Sadistic Princess Nicole rides her lover's cock while the cuckold grandpa has to endure everything lying down on the floor. Then the rulers in 69 position start to make each other happy. And the cuckold-grandpa just keeps getting the master's spit out to swallow.

In the 69 position, the ruling couple groaned to mutual orgasm, while the cuckold grandpa was still lying on the ground, only watching everything with a grin. Then the master comes and Princess Nicole orders him to lick the sperm from his body. Oldgrandpaps Tommy has to lick the sperm from the master. And on top of that, he gets to drink the golden nectar of his divine mistress again. Lying on the floor again, he must receive the contents of her bladder with his mouth open. Finally the couple poses triumphantly on him.

Cuckolding 134

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Length: Minute
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